Harry Barberian always believed that his great charcoal-grilled steaks were best accompanied by a well-chosen glass of good, honest wine. To that end Barberians has always offered our guests a wine list that reflects Harry's philosophy. When Harry's son Arron became involved with expanding the wine experience at Barberian's, he brought a passion and dedication that resulted in the painstaking creation of one of Canada's most fabled cellars. It soon became apparent that the Ever-growing wine collection would soon outgrow the restaurant's capacity.

In 2006, after almost 3 years of design and construction, Arron realized a family dream by opening one of Canada's largest and most significant cellars. A two-story excavation was required to provide a temperature-controlled, vibration-proof, physically stunning space to house the ever-expanding wine collection. Now housing over 15,000 bottles with approximately 2,500 selections of the finest wines, the cellar allows our guests to enjoy the fruits of many years of collecting by Arron and his team of sommeliers. Both the cellar and the Magnum Mezzanine are available as unparalleled dining locations for larger groups.

For inquiries about Barbarian’s Steak House’s world famous wine list, please call: 416-597-0335